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The History and Statistics of Sober Living Homes

PRESS RELEASE: February 19, 2023

In the fight against addiction, sober living homes (SLHs) stand as sanctuaries of hope and transformation. These homes offer more than just temporary refuge; they provide a supportive, structured environment essential for lasting sobriety. According to research from the Alcohol Research Group (ARG), the impact of SLHs on recovery is profound and life changing.


A Lifeline of Support and Accountability


SLHs create a structured, supportive environment where residents can focus on their recovery, free from the temptations and triggers of their previous lives. The ARG research underscores that SLHs foster a sense of community and mutual accountability, essential for successful recovery. Residents live alongside peers who understand their struggles, offering compassionate and steadfast support.


A History of Healing


The concept of SLHs dates to the mid-20th century, originating from the need to provide safe spaces for individuals recovering from addiction. These homes have evolved from informal group settings to professionally managed residences with structured programs. Today, SLHs are recognized for their critical role in bridging the gap between intensive treatment and independent living.


Compelling Success Statistics


The statistics from ARG are both compelling and heart-wrenching. Research shows that over 70% of individuals residing in SLHs maintain sobriety after six months, a stark contrast to the much lower rates of those without such support. This success is a testament to the structured environment and strong sense of community within these homes.


Building Lifelong, Sober Relationships


SLHs foster deep, meaningful relationships among residents. These bonds create a robust support network that extends beyond the home, providing ongoing encouragement and accountability. The sense of belonging and support within an SLH can make the difference between relapse and lifelong sobriety.


Reference: Alcohol Research Group. (2023). Sober living houses (SLH) research. Alcohol Research Group.

The History and Statistics of Sober Living Homes
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