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The Growing Crisis of Affording Meals in America

PRESS RELEASE: February 5, 2024

By October 2023, 53.7% of American adults consistently had the means to obtain and purchase their preferred food choices. In the heart of America, a silent crisis unfolds, leaving millions in the shadows of hunger. As of October 2023, the stark reality is that 1 in 8 American adults grapple with not having enough to eat, painting a troubling portrait of food insecurity that echoes the depths of the pandemic’s darkest days. Nearly 28 million souls face days and nights filled with uncertainty, their tables barren, and their families’ cries for nourishment growing louder.

This isn’t just a statistic; it’s a national emergency that demands our immediate action. Food, a basic human right, remains out of reach for too many, casting a long shadow over the promise of prosperity and abundance. The end of supplemental aid has tightened the noose around those already struggling to make ends meet, with SNAP benefits slashed and millions waiting on the brink of despair.

Our mission is clear: to bridge the gap between abundance and need, to transform silent struggles into stories of hope. Your contribution can light the way for those ensnared in the grip of food insecurity, offering not just meals but a lifeline to a brighter, more secure future.

Join us in this crucial fight against hunger. With your help, we can turn the tide, ensuring that every American has access to the nourishment they deserve. Become a beacon of hope and make a difference today. Together, we can rewrite the story of hunger in America.


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The Growing Crisis of Affording Meals in America
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