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Ending Hunger in Chicago: A Data-Driven Approach

PRESS RELEASE: June 25, 2023

In the bustling city of Chicago, an unseen crisis looms large: food insecurity. While the city thrives in many areas, many of its residents grapple with the uncertainty of their next meal. But there’s hope. With the right plan and data, we can make a significant difference.

According to a recent article by John Mazzeo, a professor at DePaul University who specializes in studying local food insecurity, the key to ending hunger in Chicago lies in the availability of regular, community-level data. Such data can guide the allocation of resources, ensuring that help reaches those who need it most.

But why is data so crucial? The answer is simple. Data provides a clear picture of where the gaps are, which communities are most affected, and what kind of assistance they require. With this knowledge, non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations can tailor their interventions, making them more effective and impactful.

However, gathering this data is just the first step. Once we have it, we need a comprehensive plan to act on it. This is where the community comes in. By supporting hunger-relief initiatives, we can pool our resources, expertise, and compassion to create a city where no one goes to bed hungry.

Now, more than ever, Chicago needs your help. By donating to hunger-relief non-profits, you’re not just giving money; you’re giving hope, dignity, and a brighter future to thousands of Chicagoans. Every dollar counts, and together, we can make a difference.

In the words of John Mazzeo, “The availability of regular, community-level data would provide for better allocation of resources.” Let’s use this knowledge to fuel our mission and ensure that every resident of Chicago has access to nutritious meals.

For more information on how your dollar will be spent, please visit our website or give us a call at (224) 432-7403. 

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Ending Hunger in Chicago: A Data-Driven Approach
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