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Alarming Surge in Hunger Crisis Among U.S Elderly Families Revealed

PRESS RELEASE: March 4, 2024.

In a nation of plenty, a silent crisis unfolds, casting a shadow over the golden years of our elders. Recent research published in JAMA Health Forum reveals a stark and troubling trend: from 1999-2003 to 2015-2019, food insecurity among U.S. families with older adults has alarmingly risen from 12.5% to 23.1%. Behind these numbers lie stories of struggle, of seniors forced to choose between medicine and a meal, of dignity lost to hunger.

This isn’t merely a statistic; it’s a call to action. The surge in chronic food insecurity—more than tripling in two decades—signals a deepening crisis that demands our immediate attention. Our elders, who have nurtured generations, now face their twilight years fraught with uncertainty, their basic needs unmet.

The disproportionate impact on Black and Hispanic families, and those with lower socioeconomic status, highlights a grievous inequality that we must address. As we look to the future, it’s imperative we focus on solutions that not only mitigate this crisis but eradicate it.

Your support can bring hope and sustenance to countless seniors. By donating today, you’re not just providing meals; you’re restoring dignity and offering a lifeline to those in their most vulnerable hours. Join us in this critical mission. Together, we can ensure no elder goes to bed hungry!


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Alarming Surge in Hunger Crisis Among U.S Elderly Families Revealed
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